Shop: Stop Segmenting Humans, Start Segmenting Moments!

If you still believe that stereotype assumptions of customer segmentation help in a digitized marketing and design thinking world you should think again. The book 'Stop Segmenting Humans, Start Segmenting Moments!' guides a different path to superior customer experience.

A marketing world without customer segmentation is possible and desirable!

Easy to read but maybe challenges everything you think you know about traditional marketing or modern 1:1 marketing. Let yourselves be carried away into a world without customer segmentation:In my recently published book, „Stop Segmenting Humans, Start Segmenting Moments“ my hypothesis is that a new maturity level of real-time discovery and prediction of customer preferences is achievable, desirable and already ‘knocking at the door’ but that customer segmentation related marketing practices inhibit brands taking this new step in CX-decision-making maturity and reinforce that brands direct the focus in the wrong direction.Introducing a new framework for radical customer centricity called „Momentary Motivation“.

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